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  • Trunks and chests, feature image pt 2

    Trunks and Chests, pt-2

    Chests Wooden chests. The first thought to many when they think of “Chest’s” is the popular Hollywood renditions of the fabled “Treasure Chest”. Indeed, many chests did contain treasure, but not in the sense distilled in cinema. The main function of chests also known as “Coffer”or “Kist” is for storage, usually winter blankets and clothing. …

  • Antique Indian doors

    The story of antique Indian doors

    The story of antique Indian doors, part 1.. Without question some of the most beautiful antique doors in the world come from India. We’re going to delve a little into the fascinating significance of some of their decoration. The Elephant’s connection to door design. And we will look at the new life being given to old …

  • Trunks and chests, feature image pt 1

    Trunks and Chests, pt-1

    Trunks and chests Trunks and Chests. Often the two get mixed up as to which is which, but the distinction is a pretty simple one.           Trunks are usually much more sturdily made; their primary role is for travel. Long excursions and trips,  many specific styles evolved for the different kinds of …

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