Carpets are an essential item in any home decor. They provide comfort and warmth. They also embellish the aesthetic style of your home. A new carpet is a practical and supportive item to transform one’s abode.

Antique textiles and tapestries offer unique stories and artistry that can add a sense of refinement to your living room or office space. At NK Bantawai International, we also supply a wide range of exclusive and rare vintage rugs.

Do you want something beautiful and vintage such as our pile carpets? Maybe you want to add some color with a one-of-a-kind tribal covering like these Handmade Kilim. All of our unique carpets and rugs come from local artisans.

After adding a beautiful handmade carpet to your home’s interior, why not check out our other offered home furnishings? We supply an array of delicate, locally-made products in our shop for you to select as you furnish your household.


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