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  • The great door arrival.

    The great door arrival.

    The great door. We are always searching for exceptional items for our collection, many don’t make the grade, but every now and then something very special is found. This was the case with this door from the Rajasthan state of India. Its presence commanded the space it occupied, not just in its size, but also [...] More
  • Antique Indian doors

    The story of antique Indian doors


  • The story of Antique Indian doors, part 2

    The story of antique Indian doors, pt 2

    Firstly, in part 1 we looked at the meaning behind some of the carvings and influences in Indian doors. Now we look at the role of Elephants in door design. Elephant Designs on Indian doors What role did Elephants play in Indian doors design? Most people are aware that Elephants played a large role in [...] More
  • Trunks and chests, feature image pt 2

    Trunks and Chests, pt-2

    Chests Wooden chests. The first thought to many when they think of “Chest’s” is the popular Hollywood renditions of the fabled “Treasure Chest”. Indeed, many chests did contain treasure, but not in the sense distilled in cinema. The main function of chests also known as “Coffer”or “Kist” is for storage, usually winter blankets and clothing. [...] More
  • Trunks and chests, feature image pt 1

    Trunks and Chests, pt-1

    Trunks and chests Trunks and Chests. Often the two get mixed up as to which is which, but the distinction is a pretty simple one. Trunks are usually much more sturdily made; their primary role is for travel. Long excursions and trips,  many specific styles evolved for the different kinds of travel and needs. People generally [...] More
  • Lotus leaf artwork

    The lotus leaf and Gold, bringing the shapes and forms of nature to art.

    The lotus leaf and Gold, pt 1 Bringing the shapes and forms of nature to art Something special happens when art works with the natural forms of nature. Such is the case with lotus leaf art. And it didn’t happen quickly. In fact is has been a long and difficult road of over 10 years [...] More
  • Lotus leaf and gold, part 2

    The lotus leaf and Gold, pt 2

    firstly In part 1 of Lotus Leaf Art we looked at the process from harvesting, leaf layout and drying. Now that the leaves and frames have dried we will continue the evolution of these beautiful works of art to the finished product. Add Some Silver Certain frames move from here for extra treatment in the [...] More
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