If you purchased your first antique wooden cabinet or wooden bench, you are probably excited to show them off. However, you should know a few things about antique furniture to ensure it retains value and carries timeless desirability.

What Defines an Antique?

An antique is an object that has a high value due to its considerable age and belongs to a bygone time. Most antique wooden cabinets, for instance, were built before the twentieth century (1900-2000), as the first machine to create a wooden cabinet came at the end of the nineteenth century(1800-1900.)

Are Antiques Just Old Wooden Furniture?

Antique furniture is not old wooden furniture or ancient chandeliers. Many antique pieces are timeless treasures of an age long passed and can help add an old, historic vibe to any room area. Authentic antique furniture is multi-purposed, high-quality, and can be used to add character to modern decor and design.

For example, an antique door frame can encase a modern wine cooler, giving it a unique and rustic vibe while maintaining the timeless elegance of an antique.

How Do You Maintain an Antique?

Since most antiques are made of wood or similar ancient materials, they will require maintenance. A wooden bench, for instance, will require regular cleaning, buffing, and more. It will help maintain the value and radiance of your antique furniture and can turn even the most simplistic wooden bench into something that radiates history from every curve.

How To Spot a Fake Antique?

Most antique furniture is hand-crafted and has inconsistencies in the material during the time of construction. It is because the piece’s creator did everything without machines, leading to semi-inconsistent patterns and designs. Perfect circles, designs, and modern materials are the signs of an imitation.

Antique furniture is also expensive, as it is a timeless piece of history that you cannot replicate due to its uniqueness. Consider each antique wooden bench you see as a snowflake: no two are alike.

Wooden Cabinet or Wooden Bench from Refurbished Antiques

Antiques can be refurbished, spruced up, or combined with other objects, though most antiques are refurbished to retain their uniqueness. As mentioned, an antique door frame can encase a wooden cabinet, giving it a historical presence. Many wooden cabinets and wooden benches are created using parts from other antique objects.

However, remember to look for designs and geometry even with refurbished antiques. If it is too perfect, it may not be an authentic piece.

What Should You Buy?

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