Antique furniture complements any home. Whether it is a wooden table with intricate designs and esoteric meaning or unique hand-crafted wooden furniture, there is a certain allure to having a piece of history in your home.

But why should you choose antique furniture, and why should you care about an ancient wooden table or old mirror?

What is an Antique?

An antique is an object, such as an Indian wooden table, with a high value because of its considerable age or belonging to a bygone time. Most wooden antique furniture is over hundreds of years old and utilizes construction methods that you cannot replicate in modern wooden furniture. At NK Bantawai you will also find furniture that has been created by using parts of other antique objects such as doors and window frames. The resulting pieces can often be even more amazing and designed with modern day living in mind.

Why Do You Want Antique Furniture?

Why would you want old wooden furniture from somewhere you’ve never visited? There are several reasons why you want antique furniture for your home. We will be using a wooden table as an example.


An antique wooden table is hand-crafted and one of a kind. There may be others in a similar design class, but antique furniture is unique.

A wooden table from India used culturally significant craftsmanship to create the object. You could lose this construction to time and impossible to replicate, making that humble wooden table an antique that has seen generations of owners. It makes an antique wooden table timeless and encapsulates a specific period of human history.

Elegant Designs

Since constructing antique furniture was culturally significant for the time, many have unique cultural designs that do not exist anymore. For example, a wooden table made during the eighteenth-century Mughal Empire of India would be near impossible to replicate today. It can be replicated and emulated, but an exact piece from the period will never exist again. Those elegant designs weaving down the legs will remain lost to time–except through the antique furniture carved on it.


Sadly, modern furniture uses mass-produced, affordable materials to construct the very chairs we sit on. While everything is fine with this (as it allowed more people to snag necessary furniture), the quality of these objects is inferior to antique furniture.

Our beloved antique wooden table, for instance, was created by hand. Every curve, polish, and structurally integral part makes it stronger and more durable than its modern equivalents. It can support more weight and will only grow more valuable with time.

Modern furniture stops being useful after you move to a new home or one of the screws comes loose.

Where Can You Find Stylish Antique Furniture?

NK Bantawai has provided countless antique pieces of furniture to prospective buyers across the globe. We are the go to antique sellers if you want to own a piece of history and dazzle your guests with an elegant wooden table, dining set, mirror, rug, or chandelier.

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