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About NK Bantawai, Chiang Mai

We at NK Bantawai like the different, unusual things in life. The items that reflect not just functionality but have stories, reflect who we are and create the atmosphere we want our homes to have. In this world of mass production the hand made pieces in our various collections stand alone in style elegance and charm.

We have a passion for these personally selected pieces, each is hand picked from many different locations around the world to be added to our collections. Additions happen regularly and quite a few don’t get the time to make it onto our showroom floor before being sent off to their new homes.

Our clients reflect who we are, they love the uniqueness of beautifully crafted home decor items, they relish the interesting stories and background many of the pieces have. There homes abound with culture, atmosphere and character.

The reflection of the world, culture and era within these hand crafted pieces never ceases to full us with awe.