Lotus leaf art work

firstly In part 1 of Lotus Leaf Art we looked at the process from harvesting, leaf layout and drying. Now that the leaves and frames have dried we will continue the evolution of these beautiful works of art to the finished product.

Add Some Silver

Silver leaf being applied ti lotus leaves

Certain frames move from here for extra treatment in the form of silver leaf. If the customer wishes or the pattern would benefit, the artist applies silver leaf. The silver is applied carefully by hand on selected leaves within the pattern. The silver creates a stunning effect against the more pastel tones of the lotus leaf art work.

A worker applying silver leaf

Add a little gold

Gold leaf being applied
Lotus leaf artist

You may have been wondering about the reference to gold in the title. The gold comes into the process in a very special way. The protruding vein structure of the leaves is pleasing to the eye. However, it is enhanced on certain pieces with the application of gold leaf. The artist uses a special technique to brush this gold leaf over the veins. Particles of gold add an eye-catching look to the finished artwork.

The Finished Lotus Leaf Art

Every item from this artist in unique, no two pieces looking exactly the same. How could they, nature takes the leading role here. From small wall hangings and home pieces as well as very large frames designed for the foyers of the best resorts. These pieces emit a natural and peacefully stunning look, simply beautiful.

It’s not only frames, lamp stands and 3d wall hangings are also available.

It’s hard to better nature’s natural curves and lines but even harder to enhance that beauty like we see in these pieces of art.

They are a fitting compliment to any sleek modern interior or more traditional style environments due to the simplicity of the form and no visible frame.

Beautiful lotus leaves
Wall art, Lotus leaf

Custom Made Lotus Leaf Art

Custom made sizes and designs are available. You can select colors from a design list so they work with there intended surroundings. Both Silver and gold leaf options can be selected.

Lotus leaf samples

If you would be interested in further information on this unique Lotus leaf art, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The artits has spent many years pefecting their art. We think it has resulted in some of the best wall art we have seen. NK Bantawai is proud to have this artwork in our collection.

Lotus leaf art work